Changing Perceptions

Our Organic Impact of Trauma program is a trauma recovery based, self-driven plan, that focuses on a whole health and wellness approach to healing.

Our Program's Foundation

The origins of Changing Perceptions were founded in trauma recovery research.

In 2010, founder Davonna Livingston began her own personal journey towards recovery, when she began interviewing other women of trauma who were located in prisons throughout the country.

With  the overall goal of documenting the long term effects of abuse on women,  Davonna and the women she interviewed, corresponded for more than three years as the life stories of the women were recorded and came to life. The result of their work was published in 2013, in the book entitled, Voices Behind the Razorwire. 

One of the first things that stood out to Livingston, were the similarities within the women's stories themselves. Not so much in the actual details of their trauma, but in the fact that all had been traumatized as young girls,(many repeatedly), and none of them seemed to have had a defined support system around them to help them recover from their trauma.

Upon the conclusion of their work, Ms Livingston took what she had learned from the women's stories, to first develop what she called, The Benchmarks of Trauma Timeline. The timeline is used to show the predictability of negative, long-term outcomes throughout the course of the lifespan of a survivor.

"I used the timeline to document the many similarities within the women's stories and realized that  there began to be a pattern of predictability within the similarities." Livingston said.

Soon, Livingston began to entertain the idea of using her research to help women as they came out of prison acclimate back into their communities.  In 2012, she added  further research from the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study to form the  recovery program,The Organic Impact of Trauma and opened the doors to a mental wellness center she named after the hope she has to rid the stigma of mental illness, Changing Perceptions. Men are also now accepted into the program.

"Trauma education and recovery are the tickets out of a lifetime of unsustainability and fear."